Eating Out:Drama Camp movie

Part of the gay and lesbian film festival this year. ....it stars Chris Salvatore....who is a total hunk I might add!  Campy, contrived,  and reminiscent of a gay version of American Pie...but still worth the eye candy!

Eating Out: Drama Camp

You might accuse writer/director Q. Allen Brocka of beating a dead horse with a fourth Eating Out movie, except that he's able to bring the familiar faces of yesteryear into a whole new context, and with the addition of talented new cast members and some inventive plotting, Drama Camp stands on its own and is right up there with the best of Judd Apatow and company.

The gang hits the woods this time around for a special theatrical camp experience headed by one Dick Dickey (Drew Droege AKA the face behind those hilarious Chloe Sevigny videos), an unbalanced thespian who hasn't had sex for seven years and doesn't see why anyone else should, either. That brings us to the very smart conceit that wins the day: NO SEX ALLOWED AT CAMP! That's right. It's a movie filled to brimming with hotties and hotties and hotties, and for a good portion of the movie, no one is allowed to get down. That keeps the tension up, and when the narrative finally lets us have it... it bears mentioning that the version of Drama Camp that will be screening on Logo on July 24th will be edited to leave certain things out. We'll leave it at that.

Elsewhere, newcomer Harmony Santana brings heart to the proceedings as a trans actress who tries to be patient with her awkward suitor, and Daniel Skelton's Casey sincerely tries to figure out his relationship with wandering-eyed Zack (Chris Salvatore). As Penny, Lilach Mendelovich punches things up as the scrappy camp underdog who hatches schemes to help Casey, leading to an especially memorable sequence involving an enticing pair of white briefs and some poison sumac.

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