Famous Gay Photographers - Jack Pierson

Born in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1960, Jack Pierson lives and works in both Provincetown and New York City. Working with found objects, photography, and installation, Pierson creates work that has less to do with traditional fine art photography than it does with photography as an extension of his own conceptual art practice.
Indebted to the snapshot tradition, Pierson's images present a fragmented world infused with haunting solitude. Quickly taken and often blurry, the photographs juxtapose sexy young men in disheveled bedrooms with grainy images of flowers, found signs, and even American flags, cumulatively suggesting a groggy-eyed look at a media-saturated culture in which everything is already reminiscent of something else.
Pierson's work has been shown in galleries and museums. His books All of a Sudden (1995) and The Lonely Life (1997) display Pierson's signature style: soft focus, grainy, saturated colors, flowers, fragmented bodies all printed to the end of the page, texture against texture.
In one spread, one sees a distant village set against a blurry flower in the foreground; in another palm trees sway in a pink sky. These books, like his exhibitions, suggest a kind of post-disco melancholia that superbly melds emotional longing with hangovers and ennui.

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