White walls, white ceiling, white floor
The slate has been whitewashed clean
No escape no windows no door
What does all of this mean

Vivid colors echo from my past
Pain, pleasure, and blinding confusion
 Somehow I knew they would never last
 Perhaps it was all just some elaborate illusion

 Bustling cafes, exotic lands, and oceans so blue
Now I sit and stare at  suffocating walls of alabaster
Skies dark like pitch and storms that would endlessly brew
 Where have you lead me, fate, my master

A colorful bird left flightless in a colorless world 

Three Years and a Thousand Miles Ago.....

Wow.  I logged in to look at my blog tonight because I had realized that I haven't been on here in over a year and a half.  Sooooo much has changed in my life since I started blogging.  A former friend, who was an avid blogger, told me to wait a while and then look back at all of my entries.  He said that I would be shocked because a blog, when used for therapeutic purposes, is like a time capsule.

When I started writing this blog I was in a very dark place in my life. I sort of knew that at the time but now when I read everything that I wrote during that time it makes me realize how dark it really was.  I am happy to say that my life has progressed and things are on the upswing.  Graduate school is going very well.  I'll be done in a year and half and will hopefully be on my way to a brand new career and a brand new life.  I met someone right around the time that I started this blog and that friendship  has progressed into a full time relationship.  For once in my life I took it slow and I think that it was for the better. I didn't leap into the proverbial fire. My life feels stable for once.  No crazy drama.  No stormy relationship full of anger and confusion.  I feel like I am at peace and I am with someone who seems to be very supportive.  My life finally feels on track.  :)

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