Pittsburgh Gay Nude Yoga...NOT for the Delicate!

Last Weds. evening I went to my first yoga class.  Pittsburgh has an all gay yoga class that is located over in Millvale in an art studio and I had always head about it from friends who went.  I decided it was time to give it  a try.  Now, I know a little bit about yoga and I know a lot about meditation so I sort of knew what to expect  and I told Dan, "dont think this is for cream puff's, you are going to be hurting."  I should have heeded my own advice!

We got there, with yoga mat and towel in tow and immediatly disrobed and lined up along with the other 20 guys.  The Yoga teacher asked if we were newbies and I said yes thinking MAYBE he will go easy on us!   NOT.  For 90 minutes I twisted my naked body into positions that I didnt know that the human body could withstand.  I sweated like a pig.  I was out of breath and on the verge of collapse but managed to hang on!  I felt VERY sore the next two days but felt very limber and actually am looking forward to going back!

The group of guys were very friendly and no one was made to feel uncomfortable.  To be honest, when you are naked and doing yoga, you are in too much pain and too sweaty to even think about noticing the other men in the room!

I turns out that a lot of the guys had gone to Body Electric, as did I last year and a few of them go to Roseland so it was nice to chit chat a bit afterward!

If you are interested in attending a class....Its every Weds from 7-9 in Millvale and its $8.00 per session to cover expenses for the group.

Here is the link!

Pittsburgh NUDE Yoga Group Facebook Page

And the link to an interview with OUT TV:
Youtube Video of Interview with Positive OUTlook TV

And Heres a Description from the Site:


Here's information about our all male nude yoga group.

We have been doing this in Pittsburgh for over 4 years and have had over 220 practices.

It is like a traditional yoga practice except we are nude.
We strip, get comfortable with our nakedness,
and experience our unencumbered bodies during the practice.
It's an opportunity to practice with other guys who enjoy the freedom of leaving their worries, illusions, and clothes behind.

We stretch and strengthen our bodies, while we relax our minds, harmonize our spirits, and balance our "beingness".

Generally, this is an easy to follow practice that is perfect for someone who has never practiced yoga before, or who has practiced but been away for a while.

Here's what a session is like:
Typically, we begin our practice with a stretching sequence,
we then enter our practice explaining proper alignment, positioning, and breathing;
then we begin a traditional sun salutation series,
and end with a meditative relaxation.

This practice is oriented toward providing a foundation for a personal yoga regimen.

Those who have never practiced before,
have been away from yoga,
or who lack flexiblity,
will benefit the most.

Many of our members are surprised how good they feel after just a single session.

As you develop proficiency, you can move into more challenging positions.

Whether you are a novice or yogi,
you'll fit in, follow along, and have fun.

Afterward, we snack and talk for 30 minutes or so.

We are a fun, accepting, non-judgmental all male group.

For a number of guys making the commitment to practice nude the first time seems like "hitting the stage" unprepared.
But after they get over the initial "stage fright" most guys comment they have a new sense of acceptance, calm and confidence.

Practicing nude has an awareness changing sensual quality,
but this is not an orgy.
Because it's not an orgy,
no one feels pressured to perform sexually,
or embarrassed afterward;
as a result, it's a good ongoing environment to develop your body, spirit and friendships.

It's a great group of guys.

A typical practice has 12-20 guys,
ages typically range from 20s-50s;
body types range from studs to spuds.
proficiencies range from novice to more experienced;
and sexual orientations cover the landscape.
The common element is that everyone is nice.

We meet once a week,
Wednesdays from 7-9pm.
We meet at an art gallery in Millvale.

Our visitors contribute $8 per visit to help us with expenses.

All you will need are the bare essentials:
a mat, (we normally don't have extra mats),
a towel and you.

Or for more info see our Nude Yoga interview on:
The show is under
Out TV Shows
"Positive Outlook" 8-5-10

To join our group and get directions:
just email:


We send out an invitation to join our private Facebook page
and a weekly reminder with our address and directions.


  1. Can I quote you on any of this? It's largely the impression I go for when I'm teaching ;)

  2. I am available as a gratis photographer for any photogenic male models wishing nude figure studies, in yoga poses or otherwise. You may also contact me at viagiorgio@comcast.net


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