Dumbing it Down for American Audiences?

I don't know if some of you have seen the Millennium Trilogy already, but I highly recommend it.  It is based on a series of novels written by Stieg Larsson, a Swedish born author who recently died.  His death was surrounded by controversy because he had intended on writing a very long series of these books.  There is a rumored fourth manuscript that is being held up in court by his wife who is suing for the rights of the movies.  The fun thing for me was that I was just in Stockholm in the Sodermalm area and most of the movie was filmed there.  I am also half Swedish!

The movies are fantastic.  They are raw, gritty, shocking, and make no excuses for putting reality right out there in your face.  Think La Femme Nikita mixed with elements of James Bond and Saw. The main character, Lisbeth Salander, is sort of a Femme Nikita type who went through sexual and emotional abuse as a child and all of this is thrown at you in full, vivid scenes.  Some of these scenes are quite disturbing.  There is a male rape scene, a full blown lesbian sex scene, as well as some pretty graphic murder scenes.  Unlike most American films, these scenes are an important part of the story and are not just thrown in to shock us with the gore or violence factor.  You are left cheering for her!

I watched the "extras" on the blue ray version of the movie and learned that they are redoing all three movies for the U.S. market and Daniel Craig will play one of the main characters.  Why?!?  Are we that puritanical as Americans that a lesbian character is not acceptable.  Is it too shocking for our delicate eyes?  We will sit here and watch movies like Friday the 13, or Last House on the Left, both of which are chock full of senseless gore, rape, and murder.  Just don't put real life meaning in front of us.....we can't handle it!

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