Face the Lions Roar and You May Find the Answer to Survival....

I just attended a Body Electric workshop two weekends ago.  During this workshop I learned so much about life and connecting with people.  Our teacher, a very gifted man from San Diego, gave us a great lesson about fear in life.  He used the example of a lion and how it hunts. 

The story goes like this....

When a lion ages its roar gets louder and deeper even though it becomes more feeble.  When the younger lions find prey they send the old lion ahead of them and they prey.  When the old lion roars, the prey runs away from the frightening sound and into the path of the young lions who are waiting on the other side opposite of the old lion. 

The lesson is that if the prey would have faced its fear it would not have been eaten.  Instead it ran in the opposite direction.  Sometimes if we face our fears, we find that it wasn't as big and scary as we thought.

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