Busy Weekend

This past holiday weekend I went to Roseland to relax since it was FINALLY a decent warm, sunny weekend! I needed some R&R and wanted to try to feel better since the last two weeks have been sorta shitty with my weird eye and dizzy stuff going on.

I felt pretty awful on Saturday when I left David's house but felt better once I got to Roseland and laid in the pool for a while.  It was a holiday weekend so it was jam packed with guys and the pool was crammed full but it still felt great to be outside and in the sun. I chilled by the pool for most of the day and then had dinner with some very good friends.  My friend Carl made it to camp despite being exhausted from just finishing his battle with stage four throat cancer.  I was so happy to see him and it made me even more happy that his strength is returning.  We missed him very much at camp...it just didnt seem the same without him.  I always enjoyed sitting by the pool with him and also Sunday morning breakfasts with the guys.  Walt, Tommy, Dan, Carl, and Jay and I all had a great dinner and sat and caught up for a while. After a bit of camper drama (something always breaks or needs to be fixed) with a fridge on the fritz and a very frazzled me, I managed to figure out the problem and avoid an $800.00 fridge replacement!  I headed back to the camper to shower and get ready to go to the evening party.  Dan and I went for about an hour and I still wasnt feeling 100% so I decided to go back and just rest.  My friend Matthew invited us down just to chill out on his deck and make pizzas on the grill (which are fabulous by the way!).

Today was more pool time and then I left around four.  Dan decided to stay for the week.  I DREAD the drive down the mountain alone, and even more so with my current dizzyness going on.  Luckily Walt and Tom left and let me convoy down the mountain with them.  What a relief.  Now I just have to get through work this week and manage to get back down next Sat. for another stressful drive back up the mountain to retrieve Dan and the dog.  I left two instructions with Dan....ONE, dont burn down the trailer, and TWO....DO NOT LOSE MY DOG!

So here I sit, in my sweltering house, alone, with no dog....seems sorta strange.  I find myself looking for him and its almost like having a kid. You have to have eyes in the back of your head with a Doxy.  They get into EVERYTHING.  I was just eating some dinner in the living room and found myself waiting for him to come running out and lunge for the plate.  Sadly, no Doxy came running!  Just me and my aloof cat who wouldnt probably notice if I were dead on the floor.

Hopefully this week goes fast....I just want to be back by the pool...and not worrying about if I am going to pass out, or have another horrible migraine attack!

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