First Gay Kiss on Film -1927 "Wings"

Wings (1927)
WHO KISSES WHO?: A male soldier kisses his dying friend.

WHAT'S THE REST OF THE FILM ABOUT?: Jack and David are rivals over the lovely Sylvia Lewis. When they enlist as WWI fighter pilots, they become friends—tragedy ensues.

WHY IS THE KISS SO HOT?: "The climax of the story comes with the epic Battle of Saint-Mihiel. David is shot down and presumed dead. However, he survives the crash, steals a German biplane, and heads for the Allied lines. By a tragic stroke of bad luck, Jack, who is bent on avenging his friend, spots the German plane and shoots David down. When Jack lands to check on the wreckage, he becomes distraught and places a lingering kiss on the mouth of his friend just before he dies."

LOVE PECK: Wings is the only silent film to ever win an Academy Award for Best Picture.

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