Roseland Resort and Campground – Its all about the view...and YOU!

Its all about the view....and all about YOU!


Looking for a great all gay, all male resort? For those of you who don't know about it, let me fill you in. Roseland Resort was started back in the early 90's and was, in its initial stages, just an old sheep farm that was situated out in the middle of the West Virginia Wilderness, literally in the middle of nowhere! In fact, my GPS still won't plot a route to it! That 130 acre farm was developed over the years by the people who grew to love it, its former owner, and the wonderful new owners that took over last year. Little sheep farm no more! Roseland has grown into a great gay destination for those who love the outdoors and who love to be in a secluded, safe, accepting, gay community.

Over the last year, Roseland has had quite a renaissance due to its new ownership. The new owners have made it their primary goal to focus on upgrading the facilities to make Roseland a true resort destination for gay men and they have also turned their focus on revamping the whole customer service experience. The new motto is that "It's all about you!", and they mean it! You can expect to be pampered and catered to during your stay and from the minute you get there till the minute you check out! Matthew, Troy and Ben, who are the new owners, cannot do enough to make your stay as pleasant and memorable as possible, and Scott, the General Manager, is wonderful at providing excellent customer service and will do his best to resolve any issue that may arise during your stay.

What does Roseland have to offer?


Well, for starters, one hell of a view. It sits atop a mountain ridge located just about 30 minutes from Moundsville and surrounded by forest. You will be amazed when you get there at just how secluded it is! The first time I went, I said that it was like a gay Las Vegas rising up out of the desert!

Roseland also offers a ton of great amenities. A large, heated, in-ground pool that overlooks a fabulous mountain vista with a sizeable pool deck area complete with a shaded pergola to sit under if the sun gets too hot. A great new addition is the newly added and spacious steam room and dry sauna as well as a newly renovated gym for those of you who like to keep in shape even while you are traveling. The recreation hall has been updated with a new dance floor, lighting system, and digital sound system, as well as a full liquor license for the bar. There is a newly added lounge area above the main bar overlooking the dance floor if you want to just chill and relax on the sofa and chit chat with friends.

Not into roughing it in a tent or cabin? No problem! Roseland offers lodging to accommodate any style of traveler and realizes that not everyone is up for tenting or being totally rustic. They offer bed and breakfast style accommodations with spotless hotel quality rooms (and private bathrooms), private deluxe cabins for those who prefer it to be a little more rustic, private minimalistic style cabins which have the bare essentials for those who prefer to rough it, barracks style accommodations if you want to bring a group of friends or enjoy communal style sleeping arrangements, or you can tent camp and have your choice of over a 100 tent sites. For those of you who fall in love with the place (and you will, I did after one trip there and ended up buying a place) you can rent a permanent site to park your RV or tow along trailer on. In fact there are a few sites that are move in ready which are for sale now ranging in price from the bargain to the ultra-deluxe! Roseland has over 100 seasonals and the permanent sites are pretty amazing. Some people have gone all out and built multi-level decks, landscaped and even built gazebos! They even have lawn cutting service available as an added option. You will be amazed! It feels more like a town than just a resort!

Think you are going to be bored? Think again! The resort offers different theme weekends every weekend and is open year round. Relax by the pool, go for a hike, hit the sauna, work out, attend one of the many parties thrown by the seasonals, make new friends, go shopping at the new store…the options are endless! There is always something to do!

Think you are going to be hungry? Roseland has done a MAJOR overhaul on its food and beverage service! Several dining options are available to you. There is a dining hall that offers breakfast, and a buffet style dinner daily. The Santa Fe snack bar overlooks the pool deck and offers beer, coolers, soft drinks, and a varying food menu during the day for a tasty lunch option to be enjoyed pool side or on the upper deck under a cool umbrella. The req. hall bar now boasts a pizza oven which cranks out hot delicious homemade pizzas, subs, and wings if you get the munchies during dancing or even during the day! The main bar in Rose Hall now has its full liquor license and the prices are very reasonable even for top shelf! The resort store offers cold beverages and snacks as well as ice, firewood, and some camping essentials! Forgot your toilet paper or paper towels and plates? No problem! They have you covered!

Feel like being a fashonista at the pool? No problem! Visit Male Pouch, Roseland's new swimsuit and tack shop that just opened this season! It offers swimwear by Andrew Christian, Pistol Pete, and many other designers as well as sunglasses, jewelry and leather accessories!

Secluded but close to a lot of major metropolitan areas, Roseland offers a quick weekend getaway trip for many.  It is only 2 hours from Pittsburgh, 3 from Columbus and Cleveland, 4.5 hours from Washington D.C., 5.5 from Baltimore, and around 7 hours from Philly! I have seen guests arrive from as far away as Seattle and even a few from Europe and Mexico! 

What else does it offer? Well, a lot more! Friendship, great memories, a place to feel safe and accepted, seclusion, nature, dancing, fun, sun, hiking and the list goes on! Roseland is hard to put into words. Its more than just a resort and campground. It's a community and you will feel like you are part of a family when you go there! 


For those of you who have not ventured to Roseland, let me dispel some myths and answer some questions that seem to crop up about the place!

  1. I have heard that it's some giant orgy in the woods!
    -If you think you are going to arrive and see naked men having a giant orgy on every corner you are in for a disappointment!! Roseland is about having fun, and about being with friends and as I tell everyone, it is what YOU make it. Your experience is tailored to you and determined by you. Is it ok to make love to your boyfriend poolside?  NO!  Is it ok to harass someone's boyfriend who isn't into being open?  NO!  Is it ok to meet someone and have fun in the privacy of your tent, cabin, room, or a non public area?  YES!  Use your head, use consideration, and just like anywhere else, don't be rude!  Many couples come there just to relax and are not looking to be ogled or hit on and not everyone is into public displays of sex and promiscuity.  RESPECT, CONSIDERATION, AND SOME TACT is the best advice!
2. Do I have to be naked when I am there?

-NO! Roseland IS clothing optional everywhere but the dining areas, but you don't have to be naked! No one cares what you wear. If you want to wear tinfoil pants with a windmill on your head to dinner…no one would say a word! That's the beauty of the place…..its all about being YOU!

3. Is it like a gay bar that is full of attitude?

- Absolutely NOT! Roseland is about acceptance! I have met some of the friendliest people there! The staff is wonderful and as I said before, disrespect is not generally tolerated by the people who go there. Again, that's the beauty of Roseland, you can be who you are and not feel judged! 

4. Can my sister, mother, brother, girlfriend, ect. come there?  
- Well, twice a year they have a friends and family weekend when all are welcome.  The rest of the year it is a members only all male resort and you must be over 21 to enter!


If you wish to know more about Roseland Resort check out their official website at www.roselandwv.com! Don't just take my word for it…come for a vist! The friendly staff and patrons are waiting for you!  Book early!  They fill up fast!  Last Memorial Day they had over 500 guests!!!

This website is NOT an official entity of Roseland Resort and the opinions expressed herein are solely of the author and blog owner and do not constitute the opinions or official policies of Roseland Resort and is in no way affiliated with Roseland Resort, LLC.   Please consult their official website or contact them directly via phone or email with specific concerns or questions that you may have.

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  1. Great review! I fell in love with Roseland during Bear Fair 2010 and have been back for a weekend visit an average of once a month since! Can't wait to get back this weekend for Halloween 2012!


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