A Non-Camp Weekend

PNC Park, Pittsburgh

This weekend I decided not to go to Roseland.  I was just there last weekend for the fourth and have pretty much been there every weekend since the beginning of April with few exceptions. Friday and Saturday nights I stayed at David's house which was very nice since its rare these days that I get to spend a weekend with him.  Most of it is due to me going to camp. Summer's seem to be busy for both of us. I had a great time with him as always.

Today I biked to PNC park to catch a Pirates game.  Yes, you heard me right.  My fat 38 year old smokers ass got on a bike after over a year and peddled several miles to the stadium.  Did I mention that on the way back we stopped at the Hoffbrau House for dinner???  The German food sorta killed the whole idea of caloric intake reduction! OH well....you only live once. 

The stadium was packed as you can see, since the Pirates are winning this year, a rarity in itself since most years they lose miserably!

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