Pittsburgh Gay Bars and Clubs

  Oct. 2011

 A comprehensive list of gay clubs and bars in Pittsburgh since no one seems to have one on the web these days.  Although I am older (ahem not saying how old) and I don't hit the bars up like I used to its nice to go out once in a while.  The ever changing Pittsburgh gay scene is often a bit hard to follow.  The days of Pegasus, the Eagle, and Icon have passed and new bars and clubs are starting to pop up.  We have been without any good large dance clubs for a while so hopefully that will change soon. 

 The Pittsburgh gay scene has changed dramatically over the last five years.  The roaring big dance club scene that once dominated in the 90's has died off and most 30 plus somethings tend to not go out as much or if they do they stick to Spin or 5801.  The 20 somethings are content going to mixed bars or heading to Pegasus.  If you want to hang with a more upscale professional crowd many people go to events like G2H2 or Lesbian Liquor Night, both of which have websites and have events once a month on certain nights.  The venues changes every month to keep things fresh and its a mostly professional crowd that goes. Also, many gay people attend arts events and fund raisers. Check the GLCC website and PERSAD website for a listing of events.  Gay bingo is also popular and meets once a month at Rodef Shalom synagog during the fall and winter months. In general, the exclusively gay club and bar scene had died off significantly due to the internet and also the fact that gay people are more accepted and comfortable going to mixed or straight clubs. The days of the undercover gay bar is a relic of the past it seems.

 The top three bars/clubs as far as I am concerned:  

1.Spin - New York style lounge that is upscale, clean, and friendly.  No dance floor but a very nice outside patio with fire pits for socializing. Mixed crowd of late 20's and up, and professional crowd. Have live jazz sometimes.  Great drinks, a little on the pricey side.  Martini's $8.00 to $10.00. Wine, beer,  and mixed drinks.  Dress urban chic.

2. 5801 on Ellsworth - Great outdoor deck for the summer and also serves food.  Gets busy on Friday and Saturday nights during the summer.  Two bars inside and an outside bar on the deck. Great for the over 30 crowd. Nice place to hang out, have some munchies, and drinks with friends in the summer. Dress casual.

3.Cruze Bar - New and where Metropol used to be for those of you who were out and partying in the late 80's and early 90's.  Large space and a great dance floor from what I hear.  Mixed crowd and varying ages. Big club atmosphere. Dress clubby.

The rest....

Luckys - Mixed, dance floor, hasn't been remodeled since the 197o's!  Parking is a pain.  Strippers on the weekends. Dress casual.

Cattivo - Lesbian bar upstairs, gay bar downstairs.  Younger crowd and a large drag following.  HUGE space.  Music is ok but not many people dance. Dress casual.

Blue Moon - Small neighborhood bar with a patio in the back.  Local crowd.  Busy after work and weekends. Anything goes dress.

Ptown - small bar inside with strippers.  Usually only have on or two per night.  No dance floor.  Drag performances.  Older crowd.  Casual dress.

Brewers - local older crowd, in desperate need of remodeling, if you are looking for just a local watering hole this is it! Very blue collar. Dress: just have clothes on!

Eagle - not what it once was since it has opened and closed about a dozen times over the last few years.  Used to be THE bar to go to if you wanted to dance and was always jam packed on a Saturday night. Bit of a hike to get to and in a not so nice neighborhood.  Great dance floor on the third level. Pegasus is now the top floors. Huge club that is four floors. Last time I went it was not busy but that was two years ago so things may have changed. Dress: leather/jeans crowd.

Pegasus -The most popular bar in Pittsburgh during the 80's, 90's, and early 2000's.  Closed, reopened, starting catering to 18 to 20 crowd, then to the alternative crowd.  Closed again and then moved to the Pittsburgh Eagle and took over their top two floors. Now late teens/early 20's crowd.  Dance floor and shows.  Also a hike from downtown and east end and not in a nice neighborhood. Popular with the younger crowd from what I hear. If you are over 30 you will feel very out of place! Dress: club attire.

Tilden - after hours club. Busy after 3 am. Membership required.

Images - been around for ages and has been remodeled.  No dance floor, video lounge, downtown crowd and also popular after work and early on weekends.  Great pre-drink place prior to hitting the late clubs.  Popular with the local after work crowd also.  Happy hour, karaoke, pool table.  Very smokey for all you non smokers.  Dress: casual to business casual after work.

The Saloon - downtown crowd, mixed, music and bar.  No dance floor.  Dress: casual.

Donny's Place/Heron  - Dance floor on the top floor, small bar on the first floor, and large leather bar in the basement.  Can be a bit seedy and crusy late from what I hear.  Very dark basement and very leather if that is your scene. Dress: leather/jeans.

Brillobox - funky art/bohemian crowd.  Serves food and plays art videos.  Live bands upstairs.  Mixed gay and straight crowd. Dress: coffee house funky.

For more information click on the links below....


Pittsburgh Gay bars and clubs guide...

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  • Club HOT/Tilden (1.4m) After-hours gay bar...more
  • 941 Saloon (1.4m) Downtown gay bar...more
  • Images (1.4m) Neighborhood bar for the after-work crowd...more
  • Cruze Bar (1.5m) Cruze Bar is Pittsburgh's newest nightclub in the Strip District. This 6000 sq ft space features two large bars with friendly bart...more
  • Real Luck Cafe (Luckys) (1.5m) 2 stories...Strippers certain nights of the week, upstairs and downstairs bar with pool table. Dance floor on second level and out...more
  • Pegasus Lounge (1.6m) Lounge and dance club with drink specials, DJ's and drag performances. Relocated to the old Eagle space...more
  • Eagle (1.6m) Pittsburgh's leather bar with DJ's now upstairs in Pegasus on the 3rd floor...more
  • Brewer's Hotel (2.3m) Blue-collar gay crowd and reasonable drinks...more
  • Donny's Place (2.4m) Lesbians upstairs, leather bar downstairs...more
  • Cattivo (2.4m) Lesbian bar/restaurant/weekend dance club - bar in an up-and-coming 'hood. Happy hour daily 5pm - 7pm, kitchen open 4pm - 1am...more
  • Brillobox (3m) Hipster haunt that's very gay-friendly but not gay-exclusive (but depending on the event, might have more gays than straights)...more
  • Blue Moon on Butler St (3.2m) Neighborhood gay bar...more
  • P-Town (3.3m) Bar with strippers...more
  • Spin (4.2m) On weekdays the personality of Spin is intimate and personal with live jazz or cabaret on some nights and wine samplings to retro-...more
  • 5801 on Ellsworth (4.2m) Upscale bar & video lounge with nice mixed crowd, darts, outdoor covered (and heated) patio. Relatively classy, but not pretentio...more
  • The Link (21.2m) The Link Showbar offers go-go dancers and drag entertainment...more

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