Whats the Best Birth Control?

The best birth control of all obviously is abstinence, but in today’s world this is not likely to happen.  Sex is a normal biological function in my opinion, and is something to be enjoyed and not suppressed but this is not the debate that is at hand. 
The second best form of birth control is education, and I can’t emphasize that enough.  It amazes me that there are still a lot of grown adults who cannot discuss sex, who turn red at hearing words like penis and vagina, and who will go out of their way to avoid discussing sexuality with their children or even their spouse.  Many young people, and I was one of them, trudge through puberty without any information about sex much less what happens if you have unprotected sex.  There are still many young adults who, though they understand the mechanics of sex, have no concept of the consequences of sex.  Not just the fact that, yes, if you have sex you might end up with an eight pound bundle of screaming joy that you  will have for the rest of your life, but also the fact that sex has a profound emotional tie to it as well.  Sex affects others and involves feelings and emotions that one or both people may not be ready for.  Unprotected sex also has its ways of giving you other little gifts; gifts that often times keep giving like herpes, and HIV. 
Many think that the birth  control pill is the answer to birth control.  It is not, in fact I think it’s the worst solution!  Being on the pill does not protect you or your partner from STDs!  The pill also promotes the idea that sex has no consequences for others.  The pill does not protect you from bad decisions, hurt feelings, and from having sex with someone before you are not emotionally ready nor will it protect you from catching lifelong diseases like HIV and herpes.
Education about safe sex with a condom, how relationships work, about responsibility to you  and how to protect yourself, and also a healthy dose of self- respect will go a long way to prevent unwanted pregnancy and unwanted diseases.

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