Foreward in 2011

It has been quite a while since I have published anything personal on this blog site.  My friend, who got me started with this whole blog writing thing, told me that it would be interesting to wait a year and look back at all the posts just to see how things evolve in your life.  I did just that.  I reviewed all my posts, all 207 of them, with my first entry being November 18th of 2010.  It is amazing how a blog (or a blogroll if you want to get into geek talk) can document your life and all of its changes. 

Last year at this time I was out on medical leave of absence dealing with health issues, and quite frankly a deep depression.  I was trying to figure myself out, trying to navigate relationships with parents and boyfriends, and most of all with myself.

What has changed?  A lot!  I changed my job situation to eliminate some major stress although being broke a lot sucks and so does not being able to travel as much.  It is a trade off I guess. I have a better relationship with my parents, better in fact, than I ever have.  I went through psychotherapy successfully and worked out many many issues and learned to deal with my anxiety. I became more spiritual both through attending a Body Electric class and also though learning meditation with the help of my therapist. It is something that has been a tremendous help in dealing with the anxiety issues and something that I continue to do to this day.

The biggest change of all has been me returning back to school to get my masters degree.  Something that I had always wanted but as usual put it off.  Hopefully someday soon I will be able to be open my own office and be a therapist in the gay and lesbian community. 

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