Miami Bound......


is going to turn into this!

In three very short weeks I am pointing the Jeep south and heading to Miami and it isn't getting here fast enough! Just when we thought that the snow was all over it's back! Last Friday I could have put on shorts because it was so warm.  As usual the weather men got it totally wrong!  They said a light dusting today.....well the light dusting of snow turned into a good five inches of snow in about two hours!  I think I want to become an overpaid meteorologist because it has to be the easiest job in the world.  Just make a wild guess and hope that it comes true and make a whole bunch of money doing it. 

Anyway, I leave for Florida soon for nine days of sun.   Four days at Haulover in North Miami Beach and then the rest of the time in Key West.  Friday I am going on a sailing trip and plan on getting in some kayaking and snorkeling out on the barrier reef.  Wish me luck.....no sharks I hope!

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