100+ Years of Gay Couples: Part One 1875-1955

100+ Years of Gay Couples: Part One 1875-1955

While browsing around I stumbled across some old photos of gay couples and have been able to find a few that go back as far as the 1875(!). This two part post is dedicated to the pioneers of the GLBT community who have made the world a more accepting place today and remind us that homosexuality has been around forever.All pictures have been found at Flickr and gaytwogether.com and are the property of their owners.

An adorable couple in love. England, 1875

Unknown location, 1880's

During the  turn of the century there was a burst of gay activism sparked by the Women's Rights Movement

New York, 1900

Unknown early 1900's

 Somewhere in Europe, 1906

New York, 1907

Unknown, 1912

Rare picture of a WWI couple, no DADT back then. England, sometime between 1914-1918

California, 1923

Wonderfully photogenic couple. Unknown, 1925

First gay granted legal rights to adopt children, Hollow Falls, VA late 1920's

The following images were found at andrejkoymasky.com
Couple in Posen, Germany. Mid 1920's

Berlin, Germany 1930

London, England 1932

Long Island, NY, 1941

Somewhere in America 1943

Somewhere in America, mid 1940's

Somewhere in America, mid 1940's 

(Same couple as above?) Somewhere in America, 1945

VJ Day, London, England, 1945 (a great gay version of this pic)

Beautiful couple. New England (Massachusetts or New Hampshire?),1948

Somewhere in America, Late 1940's

Bronx, New York, 1951

Yes it is

Unknown (America or Europe), 1950's 
1950s lesbian couple
(Rare picture of lesbian couple from this era)

Hollywood California, 1950's

(Hollywood's least known couple during the time, Rock Hudson and Michael Butler)

Somewhere in America, 1954

Old Lyme, New York 1955

Caldwell, Idaho, 1955 (this ain't your typical Leave It to Beaver 1950's :)


  1. I'm from New Plymouth, a town about 20 minutes away from Caldwell, Idaho and I absolutely love this photo that you've found! I'm setting this at my desktop background.

  2. These photos are really lovely; I wish more people could see them.


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