International Cell Phones a Mystery and the Apple Iphone Dog and Pony Show.

Why in this day and age is finding out information about international phone use such a chore?  The rest of the world has cell phones that can be used wherever and have plans that allow you to do so. Is America really that backward about the rest of the world.  We claim to be the greatest country on the planet yet we have the most outdated technology and our health care system sucks.

I stopped at the Apple store today in Shadyside to upgrade two phones to the new Iphone 4s and asked the Apple salesman if they are international and he informed me that they were.  I inquired about what I needed to do to use them while traveling and was met with a blank stare and he replied that I would have to contact Sprint and they send some sort of SIM chip.  He had no clue.  Sprint was equally useless when inquiring about it.  They also give you a giant run around about where and how the phone can be used and are usually pretty clueless about rates.

Most customer service  calls go like this...press one for blah blah, press two for blah blah, press three for blah blah, press one million for blah bah, press one million and two if you speak spanish and nothing else applies followed by a half hour hold.  During your hold time you get to listen to scratchy hold music that should be used in a Chinese prison for torture purposes.  After this, you get to speak to a rep who asks you about 12 times to give him or her your secret passcode and your address and phone number.  More hold time.  Then they speak in a broken accent where you can barely understand them.  When you mention anything about international use you get more Chinese water torture music followed by "I dont have a clue so let me transfer you to our international department."  More hold torture and then another non english speaker who then asks you again for the 20th time to verify your account.  Then after being put on hold about a million times they come back with some sort of half assed answer to your question.

My point being that I spend $150.00 a month for this?  Shouldn't Sprint know what their service does and be able to provide you with an answer as to how and where the phone will work?  Shouldn't Apple, since they DO manufacture the thing, know how their own product works when you are spending $200 bucks to get it (not to mention its etnernaly out of stock EVERY time you try to get one)? Shouldn't Apple have maybe produced enough phones to supply their customers after all that hype about the new phone rather than making you jump through hoops like a dog and pony show? I was told that I have to reserve the phone online after nine pm and MAYBE it will be in the next day and MAYBE it wont. Sprint is making customers wait three weeks.   It's like going to buy a car and the car company not knowing how the engine works or telling you your car is never in stock.  WTF?  Customer service in this country has gone down the shitter and yet these companies expect top dollar when it comes to service. 

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