100+ Years of Gay Couples: Part Two 1955-Present Day

100+ Years of Gay Couples: Part Two 1955-Present Day

 Here's part two celebrating 100 years of gay couples.

 Unknown, 1956

San Fransisco, CA 1965

 Chicago, IL 1968

Washington DC, Early 1970's

San Francisco CA, 1975

New York, NY 1977

New York, NY 1977

Philidelphia PA, 1978

New York, NY 1984

New Dehli India, 1986

Washington D.C. 1992
...still waiting, 17 years later

Berlin Germany, 1993

Buenos Aires, Argentina 1997

 New York NY, 1998

Paris, France 2002
Gay Paris

Toronto Canada, 2003

Boston, MA 2003

San Francisco CA 2004

New York NY, 2004

Paris, France 2005

Cape Cod MA, 2005

Dublin Ireland, 2005
John & Christopher

London England, 2005

London England, 2005
Must be love

 China, 2006  (Rare set of a couple serving in the Chinese army)
Chinese Gay Soilder Couples

Chinese Gay Soilder Couples

Chinese Gay Soilder Couples

Cologne Germany, 2006

Madison WI, 2006
Love on the Square

Paris France, 2006
Una familia moderna / A modern family / Une famille moderne

Tokyo Japan, 2007

Monterey CA, 2007

Berlin Germany, 2007
Gay civil rights

Rome Italy, 2007

Los Angeles CA 2007

London England, 2007
Soho Couple

New York NY, 2008
San Francisco CA, 2008
Lesbian Couple of 50 Years to be First Married in San Francisco — Again
(First lesbian couple to be married in California. Read the story at Towerload)

Venice, Italy, 2008

Los Angeles CA, 2008
(One of Hollywood's most beautiful couples, Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi)

New York NY, 2008
Sion and Anton - NYC

Milan Italy, 2008 (The 2000's is also the decade which saw acceptance of gay pro sports players)

Long Beach CA, 2008

Storbist Lithuania, 2009
lovely couple

Silver Lake CA, 2009

Mumbai India, 2009

Amsterdam The Netherlands, 2009

Salt Lake City, UT, 2009

Mexico City, Mexico, 2009

Lyon France, 2009

Rome Italy, 2009

 London England, 2010

Manchester England, 2010 (the controversial photo of Gary Neville and Paul Scholes of Manchester United, still a great display of affection for pro sports figures)

San Diego, CA 2010
Take my hand

New York NY, 2010

Tarifa Spain, 2010

Gay Couple

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