Clayton House Photographs

Just took these photographs today!  What a beautiful day in Pittsburgh.  Seventy degrees, sunny, and not a cloud in the sky.  Lunch at the cafe was equally wonderful.  If you have never ventured there, I highly recommend it.    The Frick Cafe does a high tea service as well as a full dinner and lunch service.  They have an extensive wine list if you feel like just sitting on the patio and enjoying the beautiful environs. The food that I had today was exquisite and not all that expensive.  Medallion of antelope in a black peppercorn cream sauce with fingerling potatoes and truffle oil, mushroom fennel bisque, Russian borscht soup, steamed muscles in a white whine and candied tomato sauce, and to top it all off a baked plum pudding with a side of sour cream ice cream and a chocolate torte with black pepper ice cream.  (Dan had the chocolate....no for me and my migraines!)  I did sample the black pepper ice cream which sounds odd but is very delicious as well as the sour cream ice cream.  Just picture the flavor of cream cheese with a hint of sour cream. 

The Frick not only has a great turn of the century house to tour but it also offers a museum with a private art collection as well as a carriage house with plenty of antique cars to view.  The museum is hosting Pennsylvania's very first Faberge exhibit, which was fascinating.   Check it out if you get the chance.  Well worth the visit!

The Cafe at Frick

The Frick Greenhouse

Clayton House - Rear View

Clayton House - Side View

Clayton House - Front View

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