The Miami Chronicles Day Five and a Half

Moving Forward to Key West
Sean's House

Today was my last day in Miami and I spent most of it on Haulover working on my tan. Last night I drove up to Lauderdale to meet an old friend, my friend Larry. We spent a little time at Georgie's which is on of the numerous local gay bars and also had a bite to eat.

This evening I drove toward downtown to my friend Sean's house. I met Sean two years ago on Haulover. Sean was busy slathering himself down with SPF 50 which struck me as being odd with his dark skin tone. We struck up a conversation and hit it off and have been friends since then. Sean is from Jamaica and is a flight attendant who flies most weeks back and forth to London and Paris and had just returned from Paris last night.

I have never been to Sean's house so tonight he invited me down for dinner. His house was gorgeous and dinner was fantastic! We had a great time and hung out until about ten. He was pretty wiped out from his flight so we ended the evening early. It was great to catch up on things.

Tomorrow morning I leave for the Keys. Most of the day will be travel time with probably some evening time to venture out on to Duval Street. Friday I booked a boat trip which takes you out into the waters around key west for some snorkeling and kayaking into the sponge beds. Its an all gay cruise so I am SURE that I will meet some characters to write about. I always do!

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