The Miami Chronicles

Sky Writer

Last night I over-nighted at my friend Luis's house. After the 12 plus hour drive I really was ready to crash when arriving but Luis had been so kind as to prepare a wonderful dinner that was all Puerto Rican cuisine. I love food, as you all probably well know! Luis also invited his friend over, whom I have never met. Peter, Luis's aforementioned fried, is from Ireland. I wasn't sure what to expect prior to his arrival but I knew that he would be a good guy since Luis is such a wonderful person. Peter was very tall with a head of curly hair and quite handsome and ended up being the life of the party later on in the evening. Peter works for a luxury resort that is on an island just off of the coast of Georgia. From what I could tell from his description, it sounds quite charming. The evening flew by, as we drank beer and played some crazy game called Dance Party on Luis's new WII. I am usually not much for acting silly in front of people but the dance party game was very addictive and the four of us ended up dancing like idiots in front of the television for hours. Four grown gay men, acting like 16 year old teenage girls was quite a sight to behold. It was a blast though. Dan, who NEVER dances even joined in!

This morning I got up and Luis already had breakfast ready for us so after a quick meal of eggs, toast, and bacon, and some very wonderful Café Con Leche, we were off and back on the road to Miami.

As we crossed the Florida line, Dan pointed out that there was a skywriter above our heads and since the day was perfectly clear, it stood out very well against the bright blue sky. The message said "God Loves You" and was still being written out. That kept us entertained for about a half hour, waiting in anticipation to see what the next message written across the sky would be.

I spoke with David this morning, whom I am missing very much. He informed me that the weather at home sucks. I feel bad for David being stuck there in the gray gloom but I feel good for me as I drive into the hot sun. I am very happy to be out of Pittsburgh for the week! I only have about two more hours of driving left before I will be firmly planted on the beach at Haulover. I plan on checking into the hotel, and then heading to my favorite Columbian restaurant for some good food. Tonight I am going to walk the beach and chill out by the pool and enjoy the fact that I can sit outside without sixteen layers of clothing and a risk of losing extremities due to frostbite!

I am already starting to feel like a different person. It is like the sun makes you come alive and recharges your batteries! More later…..

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