Grad School Here I Come.....

Eighteen years ago, prior to doing what I do know, i went to the University of Pittsburgh and studied Psych. as an undergrad.  At that time, I had planned on going to grad school and getting at least an M.Psy.and had wanted to have my own practice as a licensed clinical psychotherapist.  I, however, like an idiot saw dollar signs when I was offered a well paying job with corporate ATT back then.  I had a good career with them for almost nine years until I was laid off due to corp. cutbacks.  I then returned to school and chose something that was sure to be stable and to earn a decent income.  I progressed on to working in a vascular lab and did that for nearly ten years but all the on call stuff and the stress got to me as it usually does to most people in that type of a job.  To make a long story short, I have decided to return to my original plan and have applied at the University of Pittsburgh in hopes of returning to get my masters degree. 

After speaking to a graduate adviser and being reminded of my (ahem) age and the length of time that I have been out of school, I was advised to take a few prep courses prior to formally applying to the graduate program.  Looks like I will be taking statistics, research methods, and an intensive research writing course this fall along with studying (AGAIN) for the GRE exam. 

Hopefully all goes well and I will graduate in about two years with my masters degree and will go on to become licensed. I would like to focus on gay and lesbian issues as well as generalized anxiety disorder patients.  We will see.....

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