Dont FUCK With Me and My Ice Cream Maker!

With the world facing increasing pollution, wars, political unreast, natural disasters and the like, it seems that a broken ice cream machine should be the least of your worries....well NOT to this lady! Unstable Mable here went a little crazy and picked up her baseball bat and decided to take matters into her own hands!

McCandless Target shopper charged in fracas

By Adam Brandolph


Saturday, June 25, 2011

McCandless police charged a Cranberry woman with criminal mischief and disorderly conduct on Friday, accusing her of smashing several windows at a Target store with a baseball bat.

Donna M. Rosenberger, 39, apparently was upset over the store's response when she tried to return an item she had purchased, so she started smashing the McKnight Road store's windows, according to a Target spokesman.
"I tried returning two ice cream makers and they wouldn't give me my money back, so I made a scene," Rosenberger told WPXI-TV.

Antoine LaFromboise said Rosenberger was attempting to return an ice cream maker that she had purchased with a check. A clerk, according to store policy, offered her a gift card for the value of the item instead of cash.

"Clearly she was unhappy with that," LaFromboise said.

Police released Rosenberger on her own recognizance. She is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on Wednesday.

Rosenberger did not return calls seeking comment. A man who answered the door at her home said he didn't know her whereabouts.

She told WPXI-TV that she called politicians and is going to call the Howard Stern radio show.

LaFromboise didn't know how much damage Rosenberger caused or the value of the ice cream maker she was attempting to return. Ice cream makers on Target's website range in price from $25 to $103.

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