A Thousand Dark Threads...

As you all well know by now if you follow my blog, I have been very into the practice of meditation for the last six months as part of an ongoing effort, on my part, to not only reduce stress and to help me relax, but also to center my thoughts. Meditation has a way of putting you in touch with a lot of stuff that is deep rooted in your mind that often times just sits in the background running like some sort of silent program which goes unnoticed. Often times when you focus your mind and clear out all the chatter and static these things come to the surface and you learn to examine them and let them be. We are tought in meditation practice to examine and observe things for exactly what they are and then let them pass through. Sometimes meditation brings happy thoughts and feelings and sometimes it can bring dark thoughts, you never know what you are going to uncover. Thats the beauty of the process. It is ok to face the happy and the dark. It is what it is. A lot of times when I write poetry or even some articles they more often than not, come to me either during or after a meditation session. I think its because my mind is more calm and I am able to focus better afterward. I find that poetry is a powerful way to put your thoughts and feelings into focus and it allows you to make sense of them for yourself and promotes a lot of introspection.

The last few days I have been feeling a bit down, and quite honestly, a bit misunderstood about a lot of things. This is what came out of it....

A Thousand Dark Threads

Words that no one seems to hear
I sit silently bound
Words that to me are dear
I scream but no one hears a sound
I bear my soul
They look with their eyes but they are unable to ascertain
Its meaning is lost in some great dark hole
My heart is left with emptiness and pain
Bound by a thousand dark threads
Unable to move with my soul exposed
Forced into silence much to my dread
I scream words from deep down within
I am greeted with silence instead
Why wont you listen, why cant you hear?

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