Famous Gay Photographers - Ken Probst

An American born in Switzerland, Probst is best known for his book (por ne-graf'ik), which takes a behind the scenes look at California's porn industry. Adopting a semi-documentary style, it offers a surprising look at the difficult and often mundane work of creating erotic videos.
Probst captures on film those in-between and often awkward moments that describe the real space of the set, as opposed to the highly constructed fantasy of erotic desire.
Compositionally, the images are charged by a modernist desire for line, texture and form, at times nearly abstracting the events portrayed. A single sock is both a humorous detail and a compositional device to move the eye. A difficult camera angle becomes a humorous mise en scène. A bottle of lubricant is little more than a mundane fact. Even the pictures of actors resting between shoots tell us that creating desire can be a lot of work.

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