Famous Gay Photographers Series - Pierre et Gilles

Using traditional photo-retouching techniques, painted backdrops, and display items such as fake flowers and fake snow, all combined with their predilection for buff-bodied pretty boys, they create camp-infused confections from classic themes, transforming religious saints and sailors into sexy celebrities.
Because of its unashamed sentimentality and unapologetic gay overtones, their work exists somewhere between high art and low culture. It has been seen more often in reproduction and advertisements than in originals.
However, recently Pierre et Gilles were the subject of a traveling retrospective exhibition, organized by New York's New Museum for Contemporary Art, which also showed at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. The exhibition included 56 of their ornately framed portraits and launched their new Swatch watch complete with a photo of a mermaid and a sailor.

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