The Broken Ship

 The Broken Ship

  Alone she drifts in waters deep
 Waters deep and still like black infinite space
 Drifting, broken, slipping silently at a wearisome pace
 Her sails battered, her hull listing, slipping forward into the black cold sleep
 Sails hang silently tattered as the winds no longer sweep
 Her spirit broken , her scars run deep from running the race
 Sinking deeper into the cold dark place
 A faint white light glimmers beneath the dark waters deep
 Faintly calling , sun filled whispers from the past, the soft white light grows fainter still
 Her war torn hull cutting silently forward through the ink black abyss
 Her sails slump silently in defeat
 The faint white light's sweet calls growing fainter still
 All is calm yet something is amiss
 The faint white light calls, endless echos repeat


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