Waiting for the Spring Thaw

Snow, snow and more snow.  That seems to be the normal weather forecast in Pittsburgh these days.  The last two months have not reached very far about the freezing mark and the sun has been nowhere to be found.  I think they said that we had four sunny days since Dec. 1st.

Its always this time of the year that I start to get a little touch of cabin fever.  The holidays are over and the long dark days of January have settled in.  You leave for work and its dark.  You drive home from work and its dark.  Everything is drab, white, gray, and brown.  I am so anticipating the spring thaw. I miss the sound of the birds in the morning and the sight of green trees and grass.  I am very much NOT a winter person in case you couldn't tell.

I have returned back to work and have been back for about three weeks now and things have been going ok.  A recent bout of cold has kept me home for the last few days.  Another thing that I hate about winter, cold and flu season! This winter I have settled down into a routine of hanging out with David several days a week which has been great.  We have fun hanging out and cooking together and just spending time relaxing which is great.  I guess that is one bonus that happened this winter, meeting David. I have grown quite comfortable with him over the last six months.  I think that a lot of the initial anxiety about stuff, you know the normal relationship anxieties, has started to die down.  I find that I trust him and that I worry a lot less about issues. I also find that the newness and excitement hasn't really died off for me which is a great thing! It makes it seem right.  So often you meet someone and its all fireworks and roses for the first few months and then things start to change and it dies.  I am happy that I still get that little race in my pulse when I first see him and that we still have a great time together.  I still feel the same for him as when we first met and to me that means a lot! I hope that it continues.

Relationships are a lot of work and you have to keep the fun and excitement going and keep it fresh.  That was a mistake that I made in the past, assuming that they required no work and that they just function forever on their own. Part of me still worries a little.  I want the fun and great feelings to continue.  It is something that doesn't come along all that often and when you meet someone special its important to hang on to that person and put forth the work and energy to make things work, especially when you believe that that person is worth holding onto.  That's how I feel, that this is something special.

I suppose that relationships are like the seasons.  Sometimes, winter comes along and things slow down but you have to remember that the birds and the green and the fresh warm air will return as they always do.  You just have to have faith and stay focused on the great times and always remember why you care and not lose sight of that when the not so fun times hit.

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  1. relationships are like the news......... hard work.........and try and find the good out of the dross!


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