A Weekend of Fun

 I spent the weekend with David and had a great time.  Saturday we were both a little under the weather but I managed to get a lot done.  I had to take my car to the body shop and pick up a rental so David came and got me in the morning and then drove me to the eye doctor to get a new pair of frames.  After that we both ended up sort of just vegetating for most of the evening and watching a movie. David had to work a night shift because of a call of at his work so he was pretty wiped out and napped most of the afternoon.  I watched a movie and ended up passing out at about ten with my head comfortably laying in his lap on a pillow.  We woke up late on Sunday and then had a very nice lunch at a Greek place downtown called Christos.  This was after going to Stagioni and to Six Penn with no luck on getting in.  Actually it ended up being the better choice since David had never been there.  He got to try something new and ended up liking the food a lot.  After lunch we went to a musical performance of Camelot at the Pittsburgh Public Theater.  It was another Ted Pappas production and his stuff is usually very good.  He also did Metamorphoses, Amadeus, and Cabaret a few years ago. I saw all three and one of my favorite actors starred in two of them.  Harris Doran, who is a NYC native, and who also happens to be SMOKING hot, was in both Amadeus and Cabaret.  The best part was that he showed up in a pair of ass less chaps in Cabaret and I had ring side seats.  Pant...pant....pant.  Anyway, Camelot was not a disappointment.  It was a very enjoyable show and funny at times and kept our interest throughout most of it.  Ill post a link at the end of this article if you care to check out the preview videos on the Public Theater site. 
Harris Doran

All in all, even though we mainly just chilled out for most of the weekend, it was still great.  I always enjoy the time together no matter what we are doing and sometimes just doing nothing with someone that you care about is awesome. Just time under a blanket curled up with each other and enjoying the moment is a wonderful thing and we do a lot of that.  I really have not felt so  comfortable with someone is such a very long time!  David is a great person to be around and he always makes me happy!  It truly is the highlight of my week and I always look forward to our time! 

Well, back to the work week.  Ugh!  I hear that there is some sort of scary ice storm/monster snow storm heading our way for the middle of the week.  Oh boy....another fun commute to and from work.  I cant wait.  Ill be driving the rental car too which is NOT like driving the Jeep when it comes to snow.  Hopefully the whole mess will miss us and we will just end up with rain.  I also don't want snow because poor David will end up working all sorts of crazy shifts again to cover call offs.  I always feel bad for him because he  really does work his ass off and I think he gets pretty wiped out most of the time.  Even though hes dog tired he still manages to find time to hang out.  What a sweetheart!   :)

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