A Few of My Favorite Artists

Work by Felix Deon

A few years ago I stumbled upon some artwork on the Internet by an artist called Felix Deon. I have a thing for classical sculptures and this guy does a lot of homoerotic classical work all of which he hand sketches.  His stuff is amazing! In fact I own two of his originals.  I am providing a link to his home page.  Check it out.  The photo above is one of his works. His site also has bio info and a personal journal. 


A second artist that I love and who I know personally because he used to have a shop in Pittsburgh, is David Bliwas. David closed his shop and moved back to NYC some years ago and I miss having him around.  His works are great and are all photographic in nature.  He was sort of a mentor for me with my own artwork that I dabbled in because I always admired his style. 

David Bliwas Link to Gallery

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