A Gnome Plug....REALLY???????

Ok.  Now, I am gay so I have seen a lot of weird shit in my day.  Stuff that I have seen and wondered what the hell you do with it and WHY anyone would want to do something with it.  Metal devices that look like they belong on a surgical table and various other things (and NO I don't use them....I have just seen them at clubs and various places).  What would EVER posses someone to make a gnome into a sex toy?  I mean really! Who buys this stuff?!?  Gee, Im sorta bored today so I think ill ram a gnome up my ass!  Not even on my most boring of days would I even consider it plus the wide shoulders and beard must be total hell to deal with. 
Is there some underground gnome fettish that I am not aware of?  My friend Paris had this on his Facebook page.  First of all Paris, I don't even WANT to know what site you went on to find this or even WHY you were on the site.  LOL.

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