I've Got Grand Marnier Shots in My Purse!

I just returned from a Christmas Eve party at my friend Laurie's house.  Prior to going I wasn't really feeling very Christmas-like.  The party went well and I think a good time was had by all.  It was sort of ironic when I got there because everyone seemed to be in the same foul mood over the holidays. Laurie's Mother was commenting on what a weird day it was and how it didn't really seem like a holiday.

Laurie's Mom is a very spry 72 year old.  The funniest moment of the night is when she leaned in close to me and said "honey, I have mini bottles of Grand Marnier in my purse....wanna do shots with me?."  Laurie's 72 year old mother was packin shots in her purse.  I loved it! She said, "well, I wasn't sure how the party was going to go so I brought a little backup!."  That just made my night......

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  1. Like there was any question as to whether Laurie would have any alcohol in her house. Glad you had a great time, hon.


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