Its the little things.....

I went out to lunch with my friend David P. today.which was a nice surprise.  He called me and had wanted to borrow some books that I have before his trip to Florida. I guess I need to specify which David from now on.  I know several! He and I started talking about life and all its issues like we usually do.  David had mentioned that a friend of his gave him a yoga mat and a video about yoga and was commenting on how nice it is when people are thoughtful enough to do meaningful things for you.  I agreed.  We were talking about Christmas and how everyone seems to think that you have to spend a million dollars on gifts which have no meaning behind them which I totally don't agree with and that is part of the reason that I have grown to hate the holidays. I would rather have one gift with thought behind it than 100 meaningless gifts given because the person felt like they had to do it.

It truly is the small stuff that counts! Sometimes its just a kind word, or a hug on a really bad day, or maybe a silly card to cheer you up, a phone call to say "hey, I miss you",  or flowers for no reason other than they took the time to think of you.  Stuff like that means way more to me than a diamond ring or an overpriced present for Christmas.  I don't think that a lot of people get that.  We started talking about friends and how we both have had people in our lives who always seem to want something but never give anything in return. The friend who always wants things from you but never seems to have time when it comes to returning the favor! 

Earlier this morning David R. (as in David, the cute Italian sweetie who I adore ) called me and said to bring my car over to his building and that he would help me tape up my taillight.  Not only did he help me tape it up but he crawled under it and tried to fix my fender too.  I thought what a thoughtful and sweet thing to do for me!  It made me feel good to know that he cared enough to even think about it.  Later this evening I went over for dinner and was greeted at the door with a new heater that he picked up at Home Depot. I had mentioned that mine broke a while back! Again, very sweet!

I guess my point is that this is EXACTLY what we were discussing earlier!  It's the small stuff.  The fact that he thought about me and made time in his day to help me out, was worth more to me than a thousand gifts.  To know that someone out there cares, and loves me enough to make time for me, makes me feel very special!

Sometimes the small stuff....is really the big stuff!

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