The Stuffed Cabbage Debacle

I had a very nice evening and day with someone special today.  David made a great meal for us last night of homemade eggplant parmigiana.  Actually, it was probably the BEST eggplant parmigiana that I have had and if you know me,  you know I LOVE to eat.   I have a feeling that  David, being full blooded Italian has a little to do with it! It feels so nice to have someone take care of you once in a while, and I will admit that David spoils me and makes me feel very special. Not only is he adorable, and one hell of a cook, but he gives those kind of hugs that sort of make you feel like you are in the safest spot in the universe at the moment. (and if he reads this, I am sure I will get a "be quiet.") 
So....a great dinner, fun evening, trip to the eye doctor, a nice lunch,  and everything was going well UNTIL I came home!

I had promised David that I would make stuffed cabbage for dinner tomorrow so I decided to run to the grocery store.   As I was pulling out into traffic, I decided to back up into the neighbors driveway to turn around....well, a telephone pole decided otherwise!  I never even saw it.  Apparently it was in my blind spot in the hulking car that I drive.  I drive a jeep commander which has practically no rear view at all. In fact, when I hit the pole I was confused because I still couldn't see it...I thought maybe I hit a trash can or something short.  I got out and saw my ENTIRE back tail light broken out along with my fender hanging crooked.  Plastic fenders are just soooo tough you know.  I think I could blow on it and it would crack.

This could NOT have came at a worse time.  I have been on leave, and have not been paid a dime so money is not exactly plentiful right now.  I just had to cancel my vacation to Miami due to lack of funds which totally sucks since the weather here is comparable to Antarctica right now. I haven't seen the sun in weeks and the highs next week are in the teens.  UGH. I am not sure what is going on with my job when I get back. I had hoped to go part time and go back to school but that has been axed.  I have to pass my vascular boards or I will not have a job soon and they are not easy.  There are no other jobs available in my department so its not looking too pretty.  I am dreading returning back to the stress that got me into my health situation to begin with.  I was supposed to go to Baltimore next week but now with a broken car and no money to get it repaired till January I doubt that that will be happening either.

The big finale was calling Dan and telling him that I backed into a pole.  I heard silence, then anger, then the old "how could you be so stupid, this would have never happened if it were me" routine, followed by being hung up on and told that I had better come up with the money somehow to get it fixed. As if I wasn't feeling stupid enough or bad enough.

I called David, who thankfully, talked me off the ledge by telling me that its just a car and its not like you killed someone!   If you know Dan, and I am sure many of you do, you will know that this will not rest until a large argument ensues followed by blame and more anger until I am made to feel like I ran over a dozen puppies and and hit an old lady with a walker on her way to visit her dying husband or something!

I am so trying to stay positive about stuff but when is some GOOD luck going to come my way?  I am trying to focus on the whole "your life is what you think" idea and am trying not to dwell on this. Its not easy. 

I am looking forward to another great evening with David tomorrow ....and hopefully I don't run anyone down on the way to his house! I would recommend avoiding the rear area of the Jeep Commander if you see it barreling down South Negley.

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